Why Give

Prayer and a Bible“It's Biblical…”
The Bible teaches about offering a tithe (or tenth of our income) as a radical minimum standard of what giving looks like. Think of it as training wheels for Christ-like generosity.

“A Sense of Gratitude…”
We give because giving is an act of worship. If we understand where our income comes from, then we give out of the pure joy and appreciation that all we have is from God and actually belongs to God. Giving is no less an act of worship than singing songs of praise—it is a direct act of faith in Jesus Christ. After all, we give because Christ first gave His life for us.

“Using Temporary, Finite Resources to Build an Eternal, Infinite Kingdom.”
We give because we recognize that nothing we have can last forever, but we have the opportunity to use these temporary treasures from God to contribute to something eternal. God can and will use our finite resources to accomplish His eternal purposes.