Sunday Morning Bible Classes

 Bible Study: Pastor and People

Sunday, 9:30 AM, Sanctuary 

New opportunities include a focus on the Office of the Holy Ministry.  Pastor and People, led by Pastor Chris Navurskis, will be taught in the sanctuary. All are invited to participate. 


Bible Study: The Book of Isaiah

-- live by faith

Sunday, 9:30 AM, Classroom 1 (Heartland Room)

The Apostle Paul’s twin epistles of Romans and Hebrews form the “bookends” of his fourteen letters in the Bible, with one written to a primarily Gentile church at Rome and the other to the Jewish church at Jerusalem.  But the message and structure are the same: “The righteous shall live by faith;” that God, having redeemed a people to himself through a new birth of believing in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, now “saves” them through living by faith and having their minds transformed by his Spirit.   


Parent's Connect 

Sunday (when Children's Sunday School is in session), 9:30 AM, Adult Bible Study Room (Red Room in the new addition)

Parents of Sunday school children are invited to learn with their kids through a relaxed discussion of each week’s children’s lesson.  It will be a time for parents of children and youth to come together and discuss what their kids are learning and what that looks like in our families outside of a Sunday morning.


THRIVE Young Adult Group

King of Kings THRIVE group provides a community where young people can connect with others to talk about faith and life. Whether you’re just out of High School or somewhere in your 20’s, you’re welcome to join! The group meets offisite.  If you have questions about what it’s all about reach out to Richard Luth ( or DCE Tony ( 

--  New Member Class

Sunday, TBD, Conference Room or viz Zoom

Who defines what it means to be Christian?  What makes one a member of a Christian worshiping congregation such as King of Kings Lutheran Church?  Clear answers to these and other faith questions are found in God’s Word and will be explored in a new Foundations of Faith membership class beginning soon.  To register, ask questions about the class or to inquire about any other matter regarding King of Kings, please call 319-393-2438 or send an email to