Sunday Morning Bible Classes


-- the power and work of the Holy Spirit

Sunday, 8:00 AM, Youth Room

As a Gentile believer, Luke sought to carefully research and record the transition of God’s redemptive work from the nation Israel to a people “from every tribe, tongue and race”; ie, the Church of Jesus Christ. In so doing, he revealed the hidden work of the Holy Spirit in building the Kingdom of God, which continues in our day “to the end of the age.”

Ken and Marsha McElreath lead a Bible study of Luke’s account and the power of the Holy Spirit working in God’s people. Each lesson will be self-contained so that you can engage as you have opportunity and interest. Persons of all ages are cordially invited to gather in the Youth Room.

--  caring for inactive members

Sunday, 8:00 AM, Conference Room

What do we do together at church?  At least part of the answer to that question is found in Galatians 6:2---- "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way.... Fulfill the law of Christ"  We as a congregation do carry  each other's burdens, and we can learn to do it even better.  It is in this spirit that King of Kings is offering this new 8 week class  "Caring for Inactive Members: How to Make God's House a Home". This class will help us reach out to these members and bring them home again.

--  study of John

Sunday, 9:30 AM, Kitchen

A study of the 21 chapters of the Gospel of John continues, on Sunday mornings, at 9:30 AM, acilitated by Rev. Allen Konrad.  Each week, a chapter will be read and discussed.  New International Version Bibles will be available for participants, but it is recommended that you bring your own Study Bible Version.


--  New Member Class

Sunday, 2:00PM, Conference Room

Who defines what it means to be Christian?  What makes one a member of a Christian worshiping congregation such as King of Kings Lutheran Church?  Clear answers to these and other faith questions are found in God’s Word and will be explored in a new Foundations of Faith membership class beginning soon. Hosted by Pastor Mark Halvorson and Pastor Rich Balvanz, discussion sessions will occur on four consecutive Sunday afternoons.  We begin at 2 p.m. and guarantee to be finished no later than 4 p.m. each week. To register, ask questions about the class or to inquire about any other matter regarding King of Kings, please call 319-393-2438 or send an email to



-- A Bible Study of the Genesis Account

Sunday, 11:00 AM, Kitchen

Apart from the Creation of the Universe, no event in history has impacted our current world as much as the Global Flood.  It is a singular event that should be central in all contemporary education and world view thinking.  Yet its denial or ignorance has resulted in a wrong understanding of the physical earth, its climate and civilizations, as well as its significance in God’s Redemptive plan for a people to be his own prized possession.