The Eden Project


The Eden Project is an opportunity to partner with sister congregations to bring renewal to our community. Through the planting of trees and sharing the gospel as we do so….

Not just one tree,
Or two trees,
Or even double that number,
But as many as we can obtain

For homeowners who are physically unable to do it themselves….
For homeowners who lack the financial resources to replace what was lost….
For public areas that beautify our community......

It’s something we can all do together. All ages. All generations. 

And as we do, we can tell people about Jesus, and the love he has for them and his entire creation.

Beginning in March, each of us will have the opportunity to decide the role we will play in the Eden Project.

There is a place for everyone, even in this pandemic year.

For more information contact Pastor Balvanz at 319-393-2438.