King of Kings Childhood Education Center enrollment process 

Step 1 - Inquiry form 

Thank you for your interest in the King of Kings Childhood Education Center! If you are interested in beginning care with us, please fill out the inquiry form below. Once submitted, the director will reach out to answer any questions and to schedule a tour of the center.

Step 2 - Online enrollment form 

The official enrollment form will be emailed to you following acceptance into the program. The questionnaire on Enrollsy, our childcare portal, is necessary to fill out completely in order to meet DHS requirements. This step also includes collection of the enrollment fee. The enrollment fee of $125 is non-refundable. 

Step 3 - Hard copy forms 

After completion of the online enrollment using Enrollsy, it is necessary to provide a health exam form. These are assigned to you in the Enrollsy process, giving you the option to print blank copies, or upload a completed copy. You may also stop into the CEC office to obtain a copy of each form. All information submitted will remain confidential and will be shared with the CEC staff as required to meet the needs of your child. 

Infant Toddler Preschool health exam form                School age health exam form 

If needed, select any of the additional forms related to your child or stop into the CEC office to obtain a copy. 

Medication sheet

Anaphylaxis action plan 

Asthma action plan  

Food allergy action plan  

Step 4 - Turn forms into the King of Kings Childhood Education Center office to be reviewed. 

This must be done prior to the child’s first day. You may also email forms to 

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