Curriculum and Instruction 

Our programs utilize several sources for curriculum and assessment, ensuring the development of the whole child, including physical, cognitive, social-emotional and spiritual growth. 

Instruction is designed to meet the Iowa Early Learning Standards for each age grouping, and scaffold them according to individual child needs. Teachers use Creative Curriculum and Concordia One In Christ to guide their planning. 

The Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum led by student interest that encourages critical thinking skills through investigations and project-based learning. It’s an interdisciplinary curriculum that embeds instructional components in various parts of the day, including math and literacy, all driven through play.

One In Christ provides hands-on learning for even the youngest of God’s children. From songs to Bible stories to play time, infants through preschoolers learn about Jesus and grow in their understanding of God and His Word. Created for daycare centers, church nurseries, and preschool settings, each level offers 52 weeks of curriculum for four days per week.